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        About us

        Jiangsu ever galaxy chemical co.,ltd. is mainly engaged in R&D, Manufacture and Sale of  9-fluorenone,fluorenone-9-bisphenol,  bisphenoxyethanolfluorene, biscresolfluorene,bisaminophenylfluorene, and many intermediates&special fine chemicals with over 15 years . Our company located at suyu chemical industrial zone in suqian City, jiangsu Province. The registered capital is RMB 27 million and more than 300 employees.

        Contact us
          •    Add: 6# YangZi Road,SuYu Chemical Industrial Zone,SuYu,SuQian,JiangSu,China
          •    P. C.: 223800
          •    Mobile: (+86-)18602515822
          •    Tel: +86-527-81083685
          •    E-mail: info@egchemical.com URL: www.codershall.com